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「MUSIC FASHION」,「ROCK FESTIVAL」,「HISTORY」and「EXPLORE」are the four essential elements of a true music lover. Therefore, our store are developing base on these four elements.

Band Tee Outfits

Put on a musician merchandise can show your taste and life style. We are not only selling the merchandise, but also hope everyone can get use of their favourite musician merchandise.


We hope our customer can understand the meaning behinds the band tee. 

Fuji Rock Festival

Joining music festival every year is a must for a true music lover. We provide festival guideline and everything they need in a music festival like rain boot,rain coat and camping tent etc.

Explore the indie music

Because of commercial reasons, indie music do not have enough resources to share their music. So, we would like to be a place that share different kind of music whatever popular or indie.

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